So between my boyfriend and I we consider ourselves more computer savvy then the average joe.

We have a friend whose computer had been sitting for 3+ years and we are trying to get it up and running again.

Atm, we are trying to install windows on a brand new HD yet whenever we "click any button to boot from CD" the computer resets itself. It has done this over and over now.

We have set BIOS to boot from the CD/ROM. Earlier today it wouldn't reset- it would get stuck at "System config. is inspecting your computer's hardware"

We have tride different CD drive, different HD no luck.

Right now my bf is switching out mobos and we are also going to try different ram as well.

Yesterday we recieved the blue screen of death with errors like "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

I have searched and searched for solutions, but they are just not adding up. So i am at your mercy!

Sounds like memory to me...I would go for swapping out RAM and trying different RAM slots before replacing the mobo, but it sounds you guys are headed down the right track...

We slapped a different mobo and are trying different ram...

The computer was randomly beeping for a while with a blank screen when we tried to start it up.

Also, inbetween all this, one of the times we have booted it up it loaded windows, but with the "IRQL_IS_NOT_LESS..." error. I honestly cannot remember what config. we had at the time.
BTW, we have cleaned the top of the processor and heatsink and slapped some artic silver in there, I heard overheating could be a cause of this problem too...

Most likely the "random beeping" you speak of isn't random at all. Sounds like a "POST" error. Usually a memory error will yield a few steady beeps right after you turn on the machine. I'd say that unless you guys fried the CPU you just have a bad stick of RAM onboard. Try different RAM...leave out the one that you've been trying with if possible. Also - it could be dimm slot itself so if you still have problems try sticking the RAM in a different slot.

Also check all connections, including the cd drive, and make sure the hard drive cables are gouge-free, connections are on solid and maybe try a different cd drive and or IDE cables as well. Might be worth resetting the CMOS battery on the mobos as you work through the problems as that will reset the hardware config so you can have a clean slate hardware-wise.

My boyfriend thinks that the beepings were caused by the fact that the video card was not in all the way, b/c right now we have the same ram in the same slot and it is loading... for now...

When it trys to install windows though it can't read the disk. The windows disk has worked fine in the past for us, so I am assuming his CD/rom is bad. We are going to try my bfs new drive in and at least try to get freaking windows to install.

We replaced his mobo with one we had laying around, b/c we couldnt even get this far with his mobo in.

Thanks alot antioned! You have added structure to our insanity!


The IDE and CD/ROM cables are all fine, we checked those last night around 2 am or so... =D

My pleasure to help out although sanity generally isn't my strong point...heheh. Yea a poorly seated video card could definitely cause problems. Also, all it takes is a fingerprint or two and a funky cd drive to cause problems with setup...blow the dust out of the cd drive and clean the cd if needed. Sounds like you guys are almost there - good luck!