I am helping some nice old ladies with their computers but I have run into a problem. They used to own Samantics Norton suit but got tired with it so they uninstalled it. When they did this a samantic pop-up appeared saying "Your computer is in danger." I have gone through and deleted everything I can find accociated with norton or samantic but this pop-up still appears. This computer has the windows XP firewall on but no anti-virus software.

Please help thanks :eek:

Several things.

1) Sadly, the uninstallation of NIS is a very tricky process (they do this so ya don't uninstall it ;).) My recomendation would be to reinstall the software, and then go to Norton's website and follow the directions they give for uninstalling it exactly how it's written.

2) I would strongly reccomend not using the Windows firewall, as it is only half of a firewall. See, the Windows firewall only screens incoming, but not outgoing traffic. Therefore, if you ever did get infected, you would never know it.

The firewall I would most reccomend is ZoneAlarm (it's free as well).

3) I would definitely reinstall some Antivirus on that computer once NIS is removed! Reccomendations: Avast! or AVG (both free; I use AVG).

4) Finally, be sure all the Windows patches are up to date on that computer.