Windows 98 Second Edition
Pentuim(r) II Processor

When i start up the computer it crashes before it gets to the screen where I type in my login name and password for the computer....It shuts off...So then I turn it back on and it comes to the screen to start in safe mode....but if I just scroll up and start it in normal mode the computer starts up fine...Sometimes it will tell me my settings are wrong (something with the adapter) and i hit cancel and it starts fine......Please help Thanks!!

Could be a million and one reasons for this, but in summary it usually means that either your Windows installation is corrupted or that you have a hardware problem, particularly with your hard drive.

Eliminate the drive problem first.

Start -> Programs -> Acessories -> System Tools -> ScanDisk

Choose to scan your hard drive, make sure the 'Thorough' option is selected, and click on the 'Advanced' button and make sure you have it set to 'Display Summary'.

If the check reports lots of 'Bad Sectors', replace your hard drive.