I am making the switch from IE6 to Firefox and would like to know how I can stay protected from spyware and viruses. I currently have Ad-Aware installed, but Ad-Watch only works with IE. I also have Norton Internet Security installed. Are these programs going to have too much conflict with Firefox or is there a way to work around it?

My other question is...will my computer be at great risk for spyware since Ad-Watch won't be working? I've read how mostly everyone on here uses a different browser other than IE and I would like to know how all of you stay protected.

Thanks for your time and any help is greatly appreciated.

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To tell you the truth, you will be MUCH more safer with Firefox, regardless of Ad-watch.

would like to know how I can stay protected from spyware and viruses

Well to tell the truth, the best thing is using common sense when browsing. No clicking on popups, no irrational downloads, no porn. ;)

However, on the software side of things, you're so-so. I see you have Ad-Aware. In my personal opinion (and my specialty is spyware) I would strongly reccomend switching to Ewido, as it has a higher virus-detection rate. Even when the free trial runs out on the download, it it still very active, just you have to update definitions manually.

Secondly, always be sure to browse with an AntiVirus and a firewall. Also, I see that you're running Norton Internet Security. While this isn't the best AV/firewall combination, it is halfway decent. If you ever wanted to upgrade (like when youre contract is over, for example), I would reccomend either AVG or Avast! as an AV, and either Sunbelt Kerio or ZoneAlarm as a firewall. All of these are free.

And that's about it. If ya have any more questions, just post back.

Thanks. :)

Thank you so much for your advice. I installed Ewido and I like it! It has a nice interface and it found a few things that Ad-Aware didn't. Being that I like to try new things, I'm going to install a different antivirus program. My contract is almost up =)

Thanks again!


My pleasure.


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Just run your protection software again. It should detect Firefox.

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