I've recently started creating my own custom cursors for Windows, and i seem to have a problem with tooltips. The cursors that are designed to look like a crosshair or an eye, etc. have the hotspot located in the center. This creates an issue with tooltips in such away that the tooltips either flicker ona nd off very rapidly when a tooltip comes up, or the tooltop stays on and follows the cursor, disabling my ability to click icons.

My question is this: How can i possibly make Windows turn off every single tooltip? I still want the information balloons, but i want the tooltips OFF.

Any suggestions?

ok i know you guys may not be too keen with the fact that my posts make no sense, but im doing my best to make them make sense. Im also helping other people to the best of my ability all over Daniweb, and i would like to get the same kind of treatment.

Im also helping other people to the best of my ability all over Daniweb

Good- we can definitely use your help. Your post wasn't purposely ignored or anything like that. Some posts go unanswered simply due to the fact that compared to the number of people who need assistance, we're very short on people who can give assistance. You'll find out how frustrating that can be on our end after you've been troubleshooting here for a while.

As to your question:

NOTE: The following will disable all tip/ballon windows. If you want to keep some ballons functioning, delete their corresponding Registry reference from the code I've posted in the box below. A description of which Registry entry controls which balloons can be found under the Tool Tips - Disable section of this page.

Open Windows Notepad, cut-n-paste the entire contents of the Quote box below into the new Notepad document, and then click the "Save As..." option under the "File" menu. In the Save As window, name the file ToolTipFix.reg and save it to your desktop.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







Double-click on the ToolTipFix.reg file and choose Yes when asked if you want to add the information to the Registry.