First off it takes about 1 whole minute to load and then it takes forever to find my home page and when it does it takes forever when i click on something!!!! when i go to open a tab it takes forever and when i type in the site it takes 1 whole minute to load ( and i have cable speed)!!!! So i know its gotta be something with explorer. some one please help:eek:

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* If you can give us any deatils on the history of the problem, that might help.

* Is this just an IE issue, or are other network functions (sending/receiving email, for example) slow also?

* Give us the details of your network/Internet setup.


Well a couple days ago when i opened internet explorer it took a few seconds as it usaully does because im on wireless internet but anyway then when i went to aol.com it took way too long to load almost two minutes. Im pretty sure that its IE either that or road runner is having trouble i tested my speed it was only 300k when the wireless is connected to a 512k so mine is supposed to be around 490k since its wireless. So if anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate it.


OK- A few likely possibilities: IE could be corrupted, your connection/ISP could be having problems, or you could have gotten infected with something that is interfering with your browsing.

1. Download and run ATF Cleaner. It's a free, easy-to-use utility which deletes old (and possibly corrupt) Temp files, cookies, and the like.

2. Download the free IEFix utility. As the name implies, it fixes a few common Internet Explorer problems which can slow down or "break" your web browsing.

3. Do a thorough check for virus/spyware infections. Recommended antivirus/antispyware programs, links to free online scanners, and more can be found in these threads:

4. Call Road Runner and ask them to test your line.

5. Download another web browser (Firefox, Opera, etc.) and see if that browser performs as expected.

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