I bought this computer new, several years ago, with ME and have since installed XP Home. When I open Word, it starts the install and asks me to insert the CD. I didn't get a CD since this was bundled by Comp USA. If I cancel the install Word will then open. Excel on the other hand will not open. I'm fairly certain it's not a nasties problem, I've run all the usual scans Adaware, Spybot, Panda, Norton, etc. I've also attemted to repair but that also asks for the CD. I think I'm probably screwed without the original CD, but was wondering if anybody has any ideas for a possible cause and work around?

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yeah my pc has started doing that since i created a new user account.

Also, theres some files office claims it doesnt need but it relly does and system cleanup etc... always delete them creating this problem

Any suggestions? I think I may have deleted a line of code that Office needs but said it didn't! One error code says look for data1.msi, but a search turns up nothing on my system.

The same thing has just started happening to me. I have Office XP Professional, however. I also have my Office XP Pro installation disc. But I still cannot detect and repair or reinstall Office XP. I get a run time error for WORD when I reply to an e-mail in OUTLOOK (I have WORD set as my e-mail editor) and then WORD starts in "safe mode." EXCEL will not even start, so I cannot open any of my EXCEL files! PowerPoint and Access start OK.

When the installation routine gets to the point where it asks for the Office XP installation disc, I put it in and click OK. After a brief time, I get an error message that says that "PRORET.INI" file cannot be found, I have to cancel out of the installation routine, and I am back to square one with my dilemma.

The Office XP disc is not physically damaged. I have run virus, spyware, and malware checks on my system and it comes out clean.

Has Microsoft done something to Service Pack 3 that causes these things to happen? Or, more likely, was there something in their numerous security updates that has made Office go haywire?

I am at my wits end. HELP!

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