Okay, I've never done this before. So I will apologize now for any distortion. But I have right now on my only partition XP he. Which as we all know sux and gives the admin basically no security features. So I have a copy Pro I want to install onto a seperate partition. And then I will gradually move all my files over and keep he on the hdd for who knows why. I ahve a copy of partition magic I'm trying to use to get the job done. But when I have my hdd selected and attempt the 'install a new os on a seperate partition' or 'create a new partition' its giving me the error message "The selected disk contains one or more partitions whic cannot be removed. To complete this task use the operations menu rather than the wizard." So I'm stumped and don't really want to toy around with too much as I know this is a serious operation and I can do some major damage. Thanks for any advice though. Here's a SS............. [IMG]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y297/bwjones/part.jpg[/IMG]

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hmmmmmmmmm, is this the part where I start to feel like a moron?:rolleyes:

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