I keep getting the SVCHOST.exe error (running W2k SP4) but have tried all of the blaster removal/patch tools and cannot get rid of it!!

It is really annoying me as it seems to stop me from runing Windows Update and from loging into websites (like this one) that need passwords - Hotmail is a prime example.

I hope that someone can shed some light on this... What log files etc do I need to run and post here?



It might not be blaster- make sure you have the latest virus definitions for your A-V program, and run a full system scan.

Give us the exact text of the error. Also have a read through the posts in this thread; a few causes of (and solutions to) svchost problems are discussed there.

Read through some of the posts in our Security forum for information on some of the recommended "malware" detection and removal tools. Try those programs and see if they find anything.

If the above suggestions don't give you the fix and you decide to post a HijackThis log, please do that in the Security forum, and be sure to include details of the troubleshooting steps you've taken up to that point.