<p>I got a repeating process virus (cmd,net) totally lagged up my comp, it deleted bits of I.E.. I downloaded norton, but it needed IE to install, so I reboot, but things get worse. After rebooting again I am stuck at the log in screen, everytime I attempt to log, I get the starting desktop music, but then I'm sent back to the log in menu *AARRRRRGGGHH*
I'd rather fix it myself, than take it in.
Is this fixable, if not how can I save some of my files to my other HD and format my troubled C:?

well you could loadup the windows 2k console (dos) program and physically copy anything you needed

another thing you could do is reinstall windows 2k to a differnt directory and buackup yourfiles then, however i belive you might lose some data

You can run a repair install.

Boot up with your 2k cd, select repair, let it do it's thing, come back if that doesn't help.

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