help!!! i got all the problems u could stuff into a pc...

the first problem was that program like: limewire, bitcomet, bearshare stopped working... a busy icon appears and dies...

2) my internet connection stopped working

3) ATI catalyst center stopped working too, just like problem one.
my graphic card is ATI RADEON 9600 SE family.

4) battlefield 2 starts..but when i press the play button the loading texts appear and the game shuts down... is that realated to the graphic card?
battleefield 2 worked before but now it wont...

5) i downloaded and installed AVAST 4 or something, but when i try to run it, a error message appears, something about a missing file... dont remember.

im getting crazy... luckily im leasing a laptop from my school, but it got intel graphic card... so battlefield wont work there either....:eek::cry:

my pc is stuffed with: :rolleyes:

graphic card: ATI RADEON 9600 SERIES 256mb but clocked down to 128mb.

CPU: INTEL CELERON 1,10 GHz (clocked down because my power supply is low)

RAM: 512

internet card: INTEL PRO /100 VE

Hi it try backing all of your data up and reinstalling windows (clean install not over the top of current)

sounds a lttle like a software issue (spyware , virus maybe )

Of course if this doesnt work you need to run at least hard drive and Ram tests, these are availible across the net,

If you type into google "ultimate boot cd" this has just about every test you'll need..

Hope this helps