Currently trying to install the Rome total war Gold edition but it says there is an earlier version installed already and i must uninstall it. Problem arises is i deleted by mistake and didn't uninstall it. The program file is only 45 MB and wont go. I lost my original disc's of RTW and BI hence why i purchased the Gold edition.

Secondly thought that deleting my old version of the expansions, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander would help. BI seems to be the same problem and wants to install not uninstall and Alexander comes up with a error message as below

Error Code: -5006 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1209)
PAPP:Rome - Total War - Alexander

Also have a C+C the first decade which displays the above message.

Bit of a novice so it's my own fault i know but some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Buzz.

remove via control panel uses the program's own uninstaller .exe, but you removed that when you did your deletion thing. Check first that the uninstall exe aint in the recycle bin... if so then restore it and let it do it's stuff - you can dclick it in it's old folder instead of going via CP. Not in the bin? If u deleted recently try using Restoration 2.5.14 from here:-
You can save it to and install [extract] it to and run it from a floppy to reduce HD writes.
Anyway. Your problem stems from registry entries which of course remain after your deletion exercise... which is why that method aint great. To fix this you can try an exhaustive search in the registry for keys with names related to your game.. an be careful with it.. do a registry backup first... or you can run a registry cleaner which will [should] find all those orphaned entries pointing nowhere n suggest that you delete them.
And then your gold ed should go in. Next time you want to remove a pgm....

Cheers Gerbil i had hoped it wouldn't come down to the registy job, i had read about it but was daunted by it, oh well i have a couple of hours to waste.

be daunted, make sure you back it up first. Cannot use the file restore pgm?
Btw, registy cleaners... you can download some which will identify the bad entries for you, but unless you register/pay will not delete them. But you have the list right there, don't you? .. an regedit is just waiting....

Deleted the programs a while back (6 months ish) and have since emptied bin a few times.

k. then go dl ....umm.. registry mechanic freeware, an use it to identify those lost keys. Delete em urself. or get registry fix... u choose.

cccleaner will fine and remove registry keys that no longer have software assoiated with them ,its free and will ask if you wish to cdreat regstry back up ,i use it all the time on my own and other computers that i fix. use the issues feature for regstry fixes
check screen shots on the page the link takes you to.

sigh.. why did i forget that one? i use it too, an recommend it in here. my brain, sometimes....
Actually if u set it up it is a marvellous and versatile little cleaner of temp files etc.... whatever you want.

Cheers for that i will try this out now, just wondering if you knew anything about the error message thing, both games work but wont uninstall.

the error code scripts:-

Error Code: -5006 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1209)
PAPP:Rome - Total War - Alexander

This is an installshield error message. [installshield handles the installation of some programs, notably a lot of microsoft stuff; i think it also can incorporate an anti-theft system to prevent code hacking, or it try to...]
0x80070002 means that the sys cannot find the specified file; what file i do not know...