Hi guys,

got quite a challenge for those experts out there.

A long time ago I had installed a copy of XP on my computer that I had borrowed from a friend. I found out that the cd-key was blacklisted as being pirated, so I got myself a legitamate cd-key. I changed the cd-key using a thirdparty program, but must have accidentaly entered an invalid key. When I next restarted my computer, it would not even boot to BIOS.

I flashed the BIOS, and got it the boot. It told me that my hard drive was disabled, so I intended to reinstall windows. On the next restart, it couldnt boot to BIOS again. Even after I flashed BIOS a few times, I cant get it to boot. The power comes on and CPU starts, but theres now no signal to the monitor.

Please help if you can.

this site may help, esp 2nd page.
btw, you cannot use someone else's key even if it is legit and is accepted during activation, unless they no longer want it. M$ product activation would knock them over within a month [it checks...]