I've gotten myself into a pickle here and really am at a loss as to how to get out of it without re-formatting and re-installing which is most undesirable. It's a Gateway laptop with an 850 MHz processor. There are no manuals no anything that will give me a clue. I was having an audio problem. So, I brilliantly decided to reinstall Windows. When I did it zapped the display driver, and all I could get was a generic vga that would give me 800X600 at 16 colors; not acceptable. I accidentally deleted that VGA and now I get the blue screen on boot-up that tells me the video driver failed to initialize, duh! Does anyone have a clue as to how I can get a display driver in there that will allow a higher rez?
Thanks, Giddyup

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Hi there

On boot keep pressing F8 till you get the safe mode screen. Choose enable VGA.... If the system boots ok. The next step would be to Google the Laptop name and Model .... your Google search should read something like .........."display driver (your laptop model and madel number) download and update the driver using start,,,,control panel,,, system,,,, Hardware,,,, device manager,,,, right click on yellow icon in VGA ,,,, update driver ,,, and point to the folder that you have downloaded the driver update to.

Hope this helps

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