I am not 100% sure if this is an IE problem or not, but it's broswer-related. Occasionally while attempting to download an image from the 'net, the image will become truncated and while it indicates "Done", only part of the image has been downloaded. This has even occurred in situations where I KNOW that the image I am attempting to download is not corrupt in any way. Trying to re-download only gets me the truncated version. Thoughts, suggestions, tips....

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When I look at the web page, the thumbnail is 100% complete, and I know that the original is too ('cause I put there) but when I download, only part of it comes through. Somewhere an End-of-File marker is created though, 'cause IE thinks that the image is complete, and tells me 'Done'. If I save that image and re-open it, it is only the partial download.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


I have tried with different browsers and different OS's... I assume that it is something at least partially attributable to my ( :o ) dial-up 'net connection. It doesn't happen often, and in retrospect, usually only when I am putting a 'load' on my connection... But it has occurred in both Win98, WinXP, and Linux using IE, Mozilla, and Opera... thoughts?

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