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Does this happen only when you've got a certain program (or programs) running when the screensaver kicks in, or does it happen even with no applications open/running?

Given that you say your computer's performance has been degrading lately in addition to the screen saver problem, you should probably check your system for viruses and other parasites. Read through the threads in our Security forum to learn how to install and run some of recommended (and free) "spyware" detection and removal tools; you might be surprised at what they find...


Thanks alot DMR.......I think I've got it solved. I checked disk for errors, and I believe that solved it, plus it picked up my computers preformance. I've been battling spyware and viruses, and think now that I've got them licked. By the way, it would lock up without any applications running. When you move the mouse or hit a key, the screensaver would freeze. Thanks again.....


Glad we could help. :)

Just remember to keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs up to date, and scan your system on a regular basis.

Oh- and don't forget to brush after every meal, too. :mrgreen:

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