Suddenly upon booting my computer i get the error ntdlr is missing press alt+crtl+del to reboot. I have tried some of the fixs online but they all include using the win xp disc to boot to command prompt. I dont have the win xp recovery disk, but i do have my emachines recovery disk which allows me to boot to command prompt. The fixes i saw all say that the command prompt should start with c:\ but mine starts with a:\>. also i cannot find which drive is my cd drive because i have 7 drives on my computer. I tried d:\ but it says invalid drive so i dont know if thats because my cd drive isnt the d drive anymore or because something else is wrong. Im posting this in the mod section because i think this is where the smartest of each forum gather. THanks for any help i get.

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Hey!! you're sposed to be on this side of the fence!!
Anyway, ur prob getting cmd showing a:\> cos your sys just is not seeing the boot drive, which is normally c. Can you get to recovery console with that emachines disc? Get it to do a chkdsk /p first off. if it finds a prob do a chkdsk /r to repair, n then a /p to check it, an then...
ntldr is about the first thing read of your boot disc [from the boot sector]... it then reads the boot.ini file to see where your OS lies. So your c drive could be in trouble, or just the boot sector...
"Im posting this in the mod section because i think this is where the smartest of each forum gather."--- sorry, i jump about. heh heh...


Thanks for the advice but after doing a little more research i found the most common cause of this was loose wires. And sure enough when i tightened all of the wire in my computer no more error. Thanks anyways though.

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