Ok. I have just recently reformatted my hard drive after a corrupted Windows file kept me from booting up the computer. Everything is going well and up to speed, but now my GPU drivers are gone. I have 2 nVidia GeForce 6600GT that my dad gave me and I'm running SLI. My monitor is hooked up to my main card and the computer cannot recognize it because it doesn't even have drivers for my video card. Does anybody at all know where I can find these dang drivers? They aren't on nVidia's website....

yes, if ms update ever offers you gfx card drivers DONT install them, install only from nvidias website. I may be wrong, but i think nvidia have 1 super driver for all of thier cards.

dang... guys... thanks for replying... i just noticed that yes, they do have one driver for multiple GPU classes... its called ForceWare... lol. I had no idea... so i was looking for specific drivers. Everything is working fine now. Thanks again for your replies.

i think ATI catalyst works in a similar way