hello i'm running a rather old pc its a HP pavilion
purchased at wal-mart, pc was bought in 2001.

OS : Windows ME
name of motherboard is "Tortuga"

when i boot up it gives me the following error

"The driver file that displays items correctly on your screen isnt working.
to fix this you might need to install new display driver. see windows update website for update ddrivers or check website of your display driver manufacturer. for more information about updating drivers click help."

It wont let me change the display from 16bit 640x480.

i've searched HP's website but i cant find the driver for my monitor anywhere, it says its monitorh.inf but that doesn't even have my monitor listed within it!

now im not completely computer stupid, i did what i know to fix the problem. so i did re-install the graphics driver (onboard intel(r) 82810 graphics driver)

i'm not sure what monitor i have. i know it has "hewlett packard pavilion and V50" written on the front of it. can't find driver with this specification

i think maybe i'm just forgetting something. a step by step would be greatly appreciated. i really need to fix this :(

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nevermind i managed to fix the problem.

i rolled back the driver from their "update" to an old one.

turns out it wasnt the monitor at all. it was just the graphics driver. and i got both the drivers off intel's site too turns out new one isnt better than old one hehe.

I read your post. You may already know about this program, 'BelArc', but, if not, there is a software available for 'free' download that will identify "everything" in your computer, monitor, drivers, etc. etc.
I use it and have verified through various spyware programs, it does not seem to be spyware or malware or virus. I think it is a great program. The site address for download is:
Glad you fixed your display problem.

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