I put this computer together, and I have Windows XP on the hard drive. I gto a cd with my motherboard with the drivers, I installed them all but my sound doesn't work. In device manager it says that the drivers are there and working but there is no sound coming from the speakers, and it says they aren't hooked up. Oh and it is onboard sound.

Don't hate me for saying this but: Did you connect the speakers correctly? It should be the green connector...
Are you sure your speaker work? If not, try you headphone and see if it works.
Do you have all the volumelevels open in windowsmixer?

regards Niek

Yes I have them in correctly and I tried more than one set of speakers, and have tried headphones.

hello, i hope someone could help me. my sound drivers are installed and the sound was coming out, but in someday i downloaded "switch sound file converter" and after i've installed it there was no sound in my entire pc and i had media player, vlc, divX, mpc star, quick time, itunes, and k-lite installed on my pc..i've tried many songs and videos to check if the there is sound or not, but there wasn't any sound coming out and the speakers were connected correctly..so i uninstalled all of the programs that i mentioned above except media player and re-installed k-lite, divX, but the sound was still not coming out, so what shall i do to fix it?