Laptop Getaway 9100 now get wireless working ok, but as soon at it go stand by or shut down lose the Card installation and I get to install it again. Questions are, do I get to be connected to Internet by cable to a network before the card is installed and way I keep losing the installation.

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do I get to be connected to Internet by cable to a network before the card is installed

No that's not necessary.

and way I keep losing the installation

Don't know. It looks like windows is loading somekind of defaultsetting everytime you boot. This may sound strange, but try changing your backgroundimage and then reboot the laptop. Is the image still changed or is it back to what is was?

lose the Card installation

What do you mean? Is the driver uninstalled or is the program in the systemtray gone?
You can check if the driver is still there via control panel (don't know all the English categories..)

regards Niek



Yes, I changed the background, reboot the Laptop, and the new setting was there. Now, the problem is:
- I connect to the Internet wireless only if I put a Cable between the router and my Laptop, is the only way the Pc accept the card. After I take the cable and stay connected. But if I shut down or restart, it freezes and I get to remove the card. Then again I get to connect the cable to the system recognise the card. The Getaway program is there, but the icons on the tray not. or the hardware is gone.
Thank for your help. And your time


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