I logged into http://bf2s.com twice on Sunday morning 14.01.07 to look at my game stats for Battlefield 2. They were still being updated so I tried agin in the afternoon but then got the message that IE cannot display the webpage.

I phone a friend and while still on the phone, he logged onto the site and got into my stats no problems at all. My dad can also get in to the site.

I have tried the following to try and rectify the problem...

I have deleted cookies and temp internet files.
Ran "CCleaner" on my PC.
Tried with Firefox and Netscape browsers.
Uninstalled and reinstalled IE7.
Ran a Spybot S&D check.
System restore.
A full virus check.
Checked restricted and allowed sites in internet options.

I can connect to any other website that I like without any problems at all.

I just cannot get into any page, be it forum, leaderboards...ect from BF2s.com.

Any advice will be greatly accepted, many thanks in advance, misterc.

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There are several possibilities:

1. They changed the site to include something your security settings disallow.

2. Your particular section of the site was down.

3. You have bookmarked a page other than the home page, and they changed the url for that page (often happens when a site upgrades itself).

4. Your ISP was too busy with web traffic to handle your request.

5. You used up your download quota (if your account is restricted).

6. The site locked you out for some reason.

7. An internet node between your ISP and the site's ISP started garbaging requests because it was glitched.

8. Your computer needed a reboot due to a power line glitch.

Hi, thank you for your advice. I actually tried yesterday to log onto the site and it worked. It may have been your No.7 suggestion because I haven't done anything to my PC since I wrote with my problem.

Many thanks for your time and help, misterc.

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