When i plug my ipod into my computer it goes

"HI-SPEED USB device attached to non-HI-SPEED Hub"

But im pretty sure I've got USB 2.0, cause it has worked fine before, and just now im geting the message.

My motherboard is SiS 651, and im using windows XP sp2.

Here are some pics, do i have USB 2.0?



The USB ports on the board appear as though they are not 2.0 to me.

nah, you're cool. see the SIS pci to enhanced host controller line? that means you've got USB 2.0
But what the message is telling you is that you do not have a hi-speed hub. There is a difference. Have a look if it's a separate hub - it probably has full-speed printed on it. SIS 651 is the chipset, you don't say who made the mobo, but I'd be really surprised if the hub wasn't built into the mobo, in which case it would be usb 2.0, or hi-speed.