I ran into a very peculiar, very frustrating problem, maybe one of you guys can figure this one out.

We're starting to dabble with wireless here in our office so the staff could easily gain access to the domain via their laptops. Our engineer, who is definitely not an IT guy, purchased a Linksys Wireless access point and plugged it into one of the ports on our 24 port switch. The thing works fine when I log into the domain on someones laptop under the Administrator account. The problem arises when attempting to login as a regular user. To put it simply, it takes absolutely forever.

Is this a profiles issue? Going through peoples profiles, I noticed there are some rather large ones on the network, some upwards of 200 meg.

When logging in normally on a segment thats hardwired the login time is a little slow, but nowhere near what it is when trying it over wireless. I also run into the same problem on a desktop with a wireless pci adapter installed on it.


You're probably right about the profiles. Turn off Roaming Profiles for users that don't require it and recreate or clear up profiles for those who do.

Problem is, most users need roaming profiles enabled. I set up file redirection in an attempt to kill some of the login times but that has me a little confused in and of itself. With file redirection, you basically just point peoples My Documents folders to elsewhere on the server. You set this up as a group policy and Windows takes care of creating and moving peoples files and what not. So far since I enabled file redirection only a handful of users were, I don't know how to explain it, created under that new directory that file redirection points to. So I don't know if its a really long process for Windows to go through or what, but we'll see how it goes.