Hello there
was wondering if anyone can help me
i am using xp
in ie 6 when i go view and toolbars and try to change them there is a couple missing and the one i can see are in light grey and cant be changed
also i keep loosing my status bar and cant lock my toolbars


ps i have run adaware/spybot/highjackthis/avg and system mechanic to name but a few

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Hi there thanks for the tips

but i dont hva eie listed in add rmoved programs so cant repair it
followed the link and what they suggest as a restore dosnt work either

anyone got an ideas apart from putting up with it or a completer rebuild

running adaware programs removed a couple of items but nothing pointing towards ie or toolbars

although i did have isearch on here a couple of weeks ago

a little sheepish shorn

Some tips:

* Don't install every handy, helpful, wonderful thing you see advertised as 'making life easier for you!' They will usually make life harder, not easier.
* If you are trying to install something, and get one of those dialogue boxes asking "Do you wish to intall......." something else, then DON'T!
* Update both AdAware and Spybot Search & destroy, disconnect from the internet and close all browser windows, and run the tools again, removing anything they report as suspicious.
* Follow any other relevent advice in the 'Helping Yourself" topic in the Security forum section.

Then obtain a copy of the Microsoft Security CD mentioned in this article:
and use it to install Internet Explorer again, over the top of your current installation.

Hi there thanks for the tips

but i dont hva eie listed in add rmoved programs so cant repair it

It is in add remove programs ,in the left colum click on Add remove windows components ,there you will find IE

1. Open an empty Notepad file.

2. Copy the following and paste it into the new Notepad file.


3. Save the file as 'isearchfix.reg'

4. Double click on this file and merge it into your registry.

Your Toolbar Options should now be available.

Thankyou everyone for all you help
and thanks to Crunchie that did the trick

may you bank always be wealthy

a little sheepish shorn

Hello again everyone

i am still having problems with the staus bar in IE

when i open ie it isnt there i can unlock toolbars and click it o and relock toolbars and next time i open ie its missing

please help again :mrgreen:

a little sheepish shorn :rolleyes:

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