Hey guys, my girlfriend's mouse cursor keeps moving for no reason. She wanted me to ask you guys what you think the problem is or any suggestions would be much helpful :)

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Is it a regular ol' ball mouse that might need to be cleaned? Is it just jittery? Is she using a firewall? Virus protection? What mouse and what mouse drivers?


Is this on a laptop? The track-points (the one that looks like an eraser head) are known to drift at times for no reason. Quite common, quite annoying. No real "fix" for this, just let it do it's thing and it stops tugging after a few seconds.


Does it move only when she is online, or does it move offline also? Is the mouse speed set too high?


Optical mice can get the 'jitters' at times, and the only real 'cure' is to find the surface that works best to use it on. Mine works best on a wooden desktop, while others have found their optical mice to work best on a 'cleaner' surface.

If it's jumping from spot to spot as she works, check 'Mouse Properties' in case there's simply a 'Snap To..' function enabled that's causing confusion.

Otherwise, check the machine for Spyware and other malware.


Yeah, i fixed it for her, i don't know what was wrong, i just think some setting got messed up. thanks :)


I'm sure he just said he doesn't know!! Perhaps he yelled at it!

Nah. He came here, got good pointers (get it?) :lol: and used one to fix the problem.

I try to make sure everyone here gets good pointers...

How do you fix a broken mouse? Put the broken one touching a good one... Voila! Mouse-to-mouse resuscitation! :p

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