Hello everyone. My son sent me hardware several yrs ago and I assembled a tower, 17"monitor and printer. I am a retired Mechanical & Civil Engineer in SW FL. I have been using win98SE for some time. Son sent me a Win2kPro CD for my B/D, and I have been using it for about a year.
Recently, I visited an adult website, and it said to d/load a key generator.
What happened was that this action put an icon on my sys tray that toggles all the time, between a (? inside of a circle), and a (hard drive icon with a red-circled ? inside). When I move the mouse pointer on this blinker, it says (System Alert!). If I click on it, up comes a window that says "Antivermins-Microsoft Internet Explorer". Wants me to d/load this thing, and possibly buy some anti-virus, etc program. I have not done this, ever.
I have several anti-virus and spyware programs activated for some time, and they are used about every other day.
I have used the search function and found 2 files that said "key generator". I deleted them. But I can't find any other files(Antivermins) or icons to erase the "blinking monster". I don't know where the icons/files are stored for the sys tray. This software is buried deep, somewhere.
Thank you for helping me to locate where to erase unwanted things in the sys tray.
Regards, Goofy