theyve already announced that there starting develiopment on vistas sucessors (vienna/blackcomb and fiji)

fiji is just microsofts codename for sp1.

vienna (it has been officially renamed) will be the next windows, after vista.
now, think of vista as the future, right? is vienna generally supposed to be the future's future? no, I don't think so. vienna is going to be something entirely different. so different in fact, that microsoft has already started design research on it. with vista, they toyed with and upgraded explorer, pulled a few key things you do every day, slapped them on the side, and re-invented the look and feel. with vienna (reportedly, this isn't for sure) the whole package gets tossed out the window, cat and all. A complete reinvention of how the user interacts with the computer. but that's not until something like 2012.

After reading up on the 'press release,' which i found out is an e-mail, not an official statement, I found also that fiji will go live along with the release of longhorn. (the server edition of vista) I'm not suprised that sp1 is already in the works. microsoft learned a 'lot' with the release of sp1 and sp2 for xp, and sp1 for vista is looking like it will be the most well prepared. By getting thier testing data from large companies (individual users can't be part of TAP. boo.) they can get the essential data from running vista under a large network with heavy demands. information they couldn't get in the beta testing phase. It's not so much as 'planning for the worst' as it is 'planning for the inevitable.' They know they will need it, and they are just planning ahead.

i think ms should base vienna on unix

I'm sorry for my skepticism, but i'm pretty sure ms is going for revolutionary, not impeding. I'm sorry, but i think unix, and i don't think 'user friendly.'

well Mac OSX is based on UNIX and its the most easiest system there is

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