Hi,my problem is I have a KDS monitor, model # KD-1911.
It has been fine for a very long time with no problems at all but lately
(I have windows XP) when I shut my computer down, the monitor will not connect to the computer. The monitor says this monitor is working properly, check your video cable. (I do not know much about computers & hubby was deployed) If I keep shutting the whole entire sytem printer & all from the main plug about 4 times it finally connects. Also, if I don't shut it down it works fine. I can even restart my computer, just as long as I don't shut it down. Anyone have any idea. Is it my monitor or my computer???
Thanks in advance.

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First thing to do is to use Windows Update to install any available updates for your computer. You are possibly suffering one of the occasional Startup/shutdown problems which previous updates have addressed. These problems can occur when certain combinations of components are used for building a computer system.

Next thing is to check that your 'Power management' settings are correctly configured in both BIOS setup and in Windows itself.

Some details of the make and model of your computer (or the motherboard contained in your computer) will be necessary to enable detailed advice to be given.

This is all really foreign to me. I will ask my neighbor to check it out. (I bother him alot since hubby is deployed & his wife is really nice about it) He kept saying he thought I needed a new monitor driver which we tried & it said it couldn't find a better match, then he said it was the video card but he isn't sure. I had alot of problems with my system (being slow,etc)& had to reformat & since I lost my Nortons antivirus & system works & whole program (firewall & all) that worked well (I had it updated on my computer before I formatted it & now have lost it all.) Now I have ads & messenger pop ups & this monitor problem. Thanks alot.

heh heh.....

You'd best 'find' that stuff you lost - purchase new copies if necessary. You need it! An unprotected system which is internet-connected is an invitation for trouble.

There are 'free' replacements available. Check the "Helping yourself: What to do first" topic in the Security forum section for advice and links!

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