ive been running my computer on Win XP for while now and just yesterday my computer crashes out when trying to update world of warcraft....haha imagine that >_> so anyways i try to boot back up i get past the XP boot screen but never make it to the Welcome screen i get a black screen no mouse no _ couser(sp) i sucessfully got into XP once after waiting approx 45 min for the boot, then crashed again, tried once more waited for over 2 hours with no luck, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - CP

You could try booting to Safe Mode by pressing F8 at the POST screen. then do a system restore to before the WoW update.

safe mode is a no go, wont even go into that.

It mat be too late but I have had a similar problem. "solved" by booting up in VGA mode, problem for me seemed to be a hardware glitch on the video card.