Just started using this Dell 2300 with XP & SP2 for the first time in about a year and have run into a strange problem. I can't seem to be able detach, save or view e-mail attachments. Also, can't download any update files from web sites. The system appears to be downloading properly, taking the estimated time for the file size, etc. But when it is all done, the file is no where to be found at the destination or anywhere on the hard drive. Is there an administrator setting I'm overlooking? I've disabled firewalls, but still no luck.

Have you run any virus scans?

Yes, and it is clean.

It could be you anit virus or firewall. What are you using?

I'm using Mcafee but disabled it with no help. I think that there must be a setup string for XP that was not set up properly from the start, but don't know how to get back into the setup file to modify/update it.

Did you download Internet Explorer 7 recently?

No, actually I still have IE 6. I have tried both it and Maxthon. Both behave the same way.

This is a long shot, but since you haven't used this in about a year and the computer doesn't recognize this, try going back to the last good configuration.

Unfortunately, the last know good configuration is gone. I used Reg Mechanic which makes updates to the registry.

If you are using Outlook Express then you might want to check out Tools--> Options --> Then go to the Security Tab and make sure there is no check in the box next to "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus." then click on Apply and then OK and restart Outlook Express.

Good Luck


some of my users were having this issue but it was in a network environment, the solotion we found for our users was the Temporary Internet Files target path

if you think this might be the issue this is what we needed to do.

Origional pathing
c:\WINNT\Temporary Internet Files\

Correct Pathing to resolve
c:\Documents and Settings\User.Name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

i forgot to add... if you need to know how to change this

open any Internet Explorer window in explorer 7
go to
tools>internet options>Browsing History Settings...
for explorer 6
tools>internet options>Temporary Internet Files Settings>Move Folder

We don't use Outlook. We only use an online mail server. Thanks anyway.

The temp internet files are already going to the right path under documents and setting. Thanks anyway.