I have read other people having probs with 98SE, please help.
1. i have added a 128ram to machine PC133 which i assume is to fast as the PC only reads 68ram of it, can i get a slower 128ram.
Also i added a usb pci card but in system it states that there are no PCI slots intalled even though they are on the motherboard, does this mean i just need a driver or what? pullin my hair out, not much left anyway.

All i want to do is upgrade to XP for my partners uncle to use his new digital camera/printer etc. nothing major.

Sorry, also can you get a usb to serial cable if you cant install a usb port?

Many Many thanks.

64 megs of RAM is not a question of speed, but front bus limitation. Your front bus is limited to 64 megs of SDRAM per slot.

Regarding USB card:

- You might try reseating the USB card.
- Your motherboard (if you post the manufacturer/model or FCCID, I might be able to give you definite answer) might have USB controller on-board, but the ppl that put your machine together didn't install USB jacks. In such case, what you need to do is disable the on-board USB controller, for it is in conflict with one on PCI card. Or buy a USB jack and install it yourself.

Note: on-board (if any) USB controller is 1.1 which is SLOW. One on PCI might be USB 2.0 which is more than a reason to go with PCI USB.

Installing XP on the 133 MHz machine is not advisable, for XP eats up ALOT of resources. More than that machine can provide.

For example, my machine uses 250-300 Megs of RAM when idle. If I had 64 Megs only, there would be non-stop paging - a major performance pooper.

USB to Serial = yes.

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CHAKY, flippin heck you should get paid for this info, if i get this sorted ill owe you one.
From your info i have gathered that i can buy 2 x 64mram as i have 3 slots one already used, wicked thanks.
I will try and install usb jacks if poss for usb pci card (would a usb 2 be to fast or would i need a pci usb 1.1), if not can i use usb connections via the usb to serial lead?
All i need it for is internet and camera use thats all, won`t XP be alright even though its slow. kind regards.
can you tell me if i need PC100 or PC133 ram please as i assume there diff speeds, thanks again.

100 or 133... can't tell without motherboard info.

Regarding port speeds:

Serial port - 0.23 Mbps (30 Kb/s)
USB 1.1 - 12 Mbps (1.5 Mb/s)
USB 2.0 - 480 Mbps (60 Mb/s)

If you connect USB over serial, the speeds will be unacceptable for any camera/cable modem.

I say go with 2.0. You might need the speed. For example, transfering large files via USB Hard Disk. With 1.1 it is painfully slow, and serial... don't even think about it.

Regarding XP:

Take a look yourself.

Chaky, I am have a similar problem. Installed usb/pci card in an old PC. Everything appears to be working fine in device manager, but usb ports do not work properly. If I connect usb external drive it will see it and list it in My Computer, but when I access the drive the computer freezes until I disconnect the usb drive. Motherboard is an old Acrer V50LA-N. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If the OS on old machine is Windows 98 then it could get tricky to get the card working properly. You'll have to open the device manager and check if the resources are in conflict. Sometimes motherboard BIOS upgrade is needed to make it handle USB cards properly.

Try these steps. It might help:

a) Disable on-board USB (via BIOS)
b) Check if the USB PCI card has the latest drivers
c) If possible (and if not already done), format the external hard drive on XP/VISTA-based machine. Use FAT32. W98 can't read NTFS without a 3rd party software.

If you post the manufacturer/model of the USB PCI card and your, and I'll give you more details on drivers.

The PCI card is a SIIG (JU-2NE012) USB 2.0+Firewire+10/100 combo card. In the bios I do not see anything related to USB. I have not been able to locate a bios upgrade. Acer does not support it any more.

My issue is resolved. The PCI card was PCI 2.2 compliant and the PCI slots on the computer were only PCI 2.1 compliant. When I replaced the PCI 2.2 card with a PCI 2.1 card it works fine.