OK ill try to explain...we have 3 computers in the house, we have them hooked up to a router...ok two out of the 3 comps are fine, but mine cant access the internet, it either cant find an ip address or something but when i manually configure the internet settings based off of my other computers it doesnt work and then when I auto detect settings, the dhcp or dchp server is a wierd address and the lease is expired, so I need to know what this wierd server is, it supposed to be, but the one in my room is like!! SO PLEASE, is there a way I can changed this dhcp!!

okay slow down i want some more information

so your saying your router is the DHCP Server?

If so you should be able to go into network connections and run the Network setup wizard again. if it asks you how you conect choose the option that says things about "Residential gateway or through another PC"

yes I believe that my router is the DHCP server because its the same all around, and how do I get to the network setup wizard, exactly tell me because i am sooo blonde when it comes to computers...lol thanks boys!!

here is what you want to do:

control panel -> network connections

right click on your network connection and do properties

then select "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" (DO NOT select TCP/IP version 6 if its listed) and click the peoperties button

and make sure its set to obtain an IP adress and DNS server adress automatically

Once you have done that reboot and try the net again