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When I loaded CS2 Illustrator after installing Vista I got an administrator error. I am the administrator. Any suggestions on how to rectify this? TIA! ;)

Did you upgrade to Vista with Illustrator already installed or are you trying to install Illustrator now?

Either way it sounds like UAC (User Account Control, a secutity feature in Vista). Try using the right click to launch/setup Illustrator and select Run as Administrator from the menu.


im having a similar problem. i got a copy of illustrator cs2 from a friend. my opperating system is windows vista. when i try to run illustrator cs2 it opens briefly for about 10 secs and then shuts down again.
a box comes up and says something like'you do not have the correct privileges' and then something about my administrator.
im a newb, would really appreciate some guidance - thanx

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