I'm using internet explorer, and fighting spyware and all the other little nasties out there. I noticed in the security forum that some folks have started using Firefox, and problem solved. I've been a bit scared to change something I'm used to, but now at work we are switching to Firefox (I haven't yet, at work) it's works better with our browser base accounting system.
So before I switch at home, will it interfere with anything I used to do on IE, and will my registry be new and fresh, or will the old registry just transfer over? It seems if it's so good, then everybody would do it.
Just wondering if it's a good idea. I'm on a PC at home, and a Mac at work. Thanks,

I recently switched from IE to FireFox and it imported my favorites and cookies, but everything seems to work fine (no copying of exact registry data). I haven't heard of any security problems and it's much more stable than IE is (It's only crashed a few times in a few weeks). If I were you, I'd switch at home.

There are a few sites that you cannot access with Firefox, in particular Windows Update, so you should keep IE on your system as a backup.

To clean up your system, follow the tips in this thread:

To help protect your system, install SpywareBlaster (link located in that thread) and keep it updated.

If you want a step by step guide to setting up your system to use Firefox rather than IE:

Here it is!

Every little step of it explained, and a few extras thrown in for good measure ;)


Edit: Seriously, the change is well worth it, but make sure you clean your system first or format and reinstall before you start. You get more benefit from the change that way. There are a few sites which simply won't work with Firefox or other browsers, but using the little tweak in the article or putting an IE icon in the Quick Launch area soon fixes that.

And tabbed browsing, once you get used to using it, is something you'll never want to be without again.

I' I've been a bit scared to change something I'm used to,

Everyone goes through this and it's a natural reaction.
Once you use Firefox for a bit and get used to all the really nice features it has...
you'll start wondering why you ever put up with IE in the first place ;) heheh.

Here's to MANAGEABLE browsing tools :)

For rock solid e-mail, try Thunderbird. Also available from www.mozilla.org
Switch to an Open-Source e-mail client and never worry about losing data again!

L8rs :)


Yes, do change from IE to Firefox. DOn't delete IE though, as some agencies with narrow-vision will only code for that particular browser. On my Mac, I also keep IE and Safari around, just in case.

I do see little differences among the versions of Firefox that I have. For instance, the one on the Linux box kinda jams text together on some webpages that I wrote. The Mac shows them fine. Windoze Firefox show them fine too.

At work, I have been using Mozilla too, and it keeps my stuff very happy.