ok, my comp. has been acting really strange of like a month, and i cant seem to fix the problem. (slow internet startup, and system restart not working)

so i decided i want to just reinstall xp and start all over, but there r some files i want to save, but i dont want to make a whole backup disc of the whole comp. only certain files(music, application i need) so if i just save them on a disk it should work when i reinstall xp right?

and i have cable internet and i was wondering if reinstalling xp will mess up the internet connection?

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music should work fine. see that you copy the license along with the music files.

And if you have the 'setup' of the application files then it would do.

One thing you can use is "All programs ->Acessories -> System Tools -> Files and Settings transfer wizard "

Copying application files from Program Files directory wont help.

Befor you jump off the deep end and reinstall your operating system i would say that it might be your registry if dont know how to edit your registry i would recommend that you get a copy of tuneup utilities and try running that on your pc first they offer a 30 day trial so you can try it if it works then buy it and keep using it if it dont then you have lost nothing.

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