hello friends ,

i bought a new pen drive with 4GB size, but i format it convert as 256MB i lost nearly 3.7 gb it is possible to identify the lost memory in it

plz!! help me !

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ya i tried but it is showing 256 MB only even i am not able to identify the other memory area , it is there are not , is there any way to find it ??:rolleyes:


Did you use the software application that came bundled with the drive or XP to format the drive?


interesting. what do you see if you use disk management console in computer mgnt [control panel > admin tools...] to see if you can repartition it?


even in disk Management of XP its shows only 256 MB , i format it out using XP , they haven't provide any special drivers with the pen drive , if some one have it plz give it to me


it is sony make i donot know the model of it exactly

That is the important part of the information, without that I won't be able to find any information for you.

The only thing I can tell you is that by reading through information that I've googled it appears that there are some modules that you need to format using the manufacturers Disc and that using the XP to format can produce problems like yours.

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