I've been searching the internet and I've found some themes to download, but if the install doesn't specify that it's for Windows 2000, I don't want to install it.

I've already created a Plus!/Theme directory under program files, and I've created a THEMEDIR (directory) under system variables. So, am I on the right track, and what do I do next?

Basically how can I be sure that a web desktop theme is safe for Windows 2000, and if there is no way to be sure just by looking does anyone here know of any that are safe?

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SO! You Wanna toy around With Themes. Buddy, check this site out and keep away from any Theme with a *.EXE...Installing any theme with an EXE extension is just asking for problems. Start Here -->HERE. However, the rest is up to you. If want to pay $ for an APP that deals with themes then go -->HERE

Installing ANY themes software is asking for trouble. Why risk system instability for the sake of some pretty visuals?

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