Yesterday i found out my Adobe Photoshop 7.0 won't work. I click the icon and it shows that little window and says initializing and it says loading and all but when it gets to the end it just stops and exits to the desktop.
I tried restarting the computer, I tried simply leaving the computer off for awhile, I uninstalled/reinstalled three times (made sure there were no leftover directories)...
Yeah, nothing seems to be working -_-;
If anyone could give me any ideas that would be great!

~ Crazy - Dragon

Go To M.s Support & Download The Uninstall Program Thats Listed. It Will Remove The Registry Files That Are Causing The Problem. It Explaines It Better On The Adobe Support Site. Registered On The Forums Site & Got Alot Of Support There. Theres A Listing For It There. Did It To Mine Also & It Worked. I Only Went Back & Downloaded The 7.0 Cause I Could'nt Afford The 8.0 Version. The 7.0 Is Free In Reader. You Can Also Do A Manual Registry Removal But If You Don't Know What Your Doing It Can Be Very Dangerous. Would'nt Recommend It Unless You Know How To Do It.

I have the same problem. i have run Registry cleaner, and it does not fix this problem. I looked on the MS website for the program u mentioned, but could not find it.

Please can you link me to it?