WMP 10--A video will show up and says playing but nothing happens. I'm not sure if one of my kids screwed something up because recently he downloaded something so he could transfer videos to his PSP. Also, I see a program called Windows Media Connect(not sure where it came from) when I tried to remove it hung up. It listed a bunch of other programs and said if WMC is removed it could cause those programs not to work.

I've tried system restore but it gives a message "restore failed".


Any help would be appreciated!!


ok so no takers?! I spent 5 hrs w/microsoft support today and guess what?--no solution!!

I am getting the error message(80040111) from a website where I'm trying to play video. So I've poked around on the net and have tried all of the solutions to no avail. I downloaded DirectX, the codec installation pkg. still nothing. Also, the video decoder checkup utility shows that I have MGI MPEG-2, VAMPD filter, but all of these have a message saying they are not compatible with the synchronization feature of WMP10 and Intervideo Video Decoder which allows me the option to update.
The videos that I'm trying to play in WMP are from my digital camera and the video codec is MPEG Video Decoder and the audio codec is AC3Filter.
So do I need a different codec?
I really hope someone can help me w/this...

Thanks for replying.

I already found that site and have followed the steps but still nothing works. Unless I'm missing something....

Have you tried RE-INSTALLING your player?

yes. I spent another 2 hrs with MS tech and he uninstalled 10 and rolled back to WMP9. So now the videos from my camera will play but NO SOUND and the website video will play but it's in HYPER SPEED. The teck guy escalated it to their research team to duplicate in the lab and are supposed to call me back.
BTW I have updated my sound card.
I'm wondering if it could be a DirectX problem--I updated to 9c or if the program my kid downloaded 3gp converter caused it?!?
If tech can't fix it today then I'm just going to back everything up and start from scratch. I've wasted too much time on this.

Well, I think this is resolved!!!
Worked with another tech and he installed the K-lite codec pac and now everything works!!!

Praise god!!

I was just gonna recommend DL this pack!!

The Dude :)