Could not find a thread on this subject. If i missed something I apologize.
Have a dell inspiron laptop. When the transceiver unit for the Microsoft wireless mouse is plugged in to the USB port, the mouse operation is fine, however something in the wireless mouse is telling the laptop that its running and will not allow it to go to the screensaver. If i unplug the USB, screensaver is normal. Sounds simple, but I'm stumped. Any ideas?


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the same thing happens to me with wierd my gaming mouse. i think because its very sensitive the slightest knock prevents the screensaver from coming on


This is definately not a 'movement' problem, the mouse is perfectly still, my wireless mouse on my other laptop works fine without having to unplug the transceiver.


ok I had that problem and I fixed it easily on my desktop, My wireless mouse is usb, but it came with a usb to ps/2 connector (The old style) When i use that, my screen saver works. if your don't have a ps/2 port, well then....., If you do your in luck!!!!

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