Hey guys how is every1 doing?
Listen, here's my story
we have a small network, we are using small bussiness server 2003 with exchange server 2003
the thing is... everytime i fix a signature for a user in outlook 2003, suddenly after a few days (sometimes more, sometimes less)... the image that i inserted in the signature dissapears... or looses the path, i really don't know what could be happening, im hosting the image in one of our servers so the path or the image never changes.... can someone help me out?

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Are you running a virus scanner?

I have AVG and it likes to kill my signiture and insert its own "Scanned by AVG on : xx-xx-xxxx). Everytime I update it always turns this feature back on which is really annoying. Maybe the same is happening to you?


Hmmm never tought of that.... and yes i have avg installed but it has been happening before i installed AVG.... but thanks for the reply this is a hell of a start for my problem thank you so much


anyone else has an idea why is this happening?? still haven't been able to figure it out... is driving me crazy..... tnx for all the help you can give me

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