I just recently reimaged a freinds dell laptop with his XP restore CD. while going through the process of formating I found that his origanal configuration had a partitioned hard drive. Not knowing why it was origanlly set this way I just went through and formated the second partition (it had the most memory) and left the first one alone. I set up XP and now it runs even slower than before. I dont know if this has something to do with the partition or if I was supposed to do something else. Any help I will be thankfull. Thanks.

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Care to field this one? You're our resident Dell support dude after all... :mrgreen:


That first partition is probably a Dell "diagnostic" partition; I know that HP/Compaq put such beasts on their machines.

You shouldn't see a noticeable speed difference between NTFS and FAT32, so I doubt that's what you're experiencing. Have you installed any programs or enabled any services which might be eating up some system resources? Things like "disk indexing" can cause the system to appear more sluggish.


No I havent, its my friends laptop so I will ask him what he has been doing with it so far. Its just weird though, because before he had a ton of stuff on the laptop and it was running pretty fast. I will keep on him about and post any new findings. Thanks, DMR

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