When i start my computer i always use task manger to cancel uneeded programs running..When i did that today the tabs ( performance, users, tasks) were all cut off and the border too. I tryed to do a system restore and somehow my system restore was turned off and last saving point was too old to restore. So if anyone could help me out lemme know thanks..

for the task manager problem just open it and double click on the large area at the bottom.don't know what happened to system restore .

Perhaps you 'end-tasked' somthing you shouldn't have?

I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would do things the way you've described. It sounds clumsy, potentially problemmatic, and rather silly. If you've unwanted or unecessary programs loading at startup, then use a combination of uninstalling programs, setting the preferences or options for others to stop them loading, removing unecessary items from the Startup Folder, and altering the settings for startup in msconfig to achieve the result you want.

Thanks for the quick response..the task manager was the only problem i was just going to do a system restore to fix it..its good that i didnt have to use it but now it is turned on..Thanks again

There not unecessary programs, its only musicmatch and roxio.. i cant disable either of them in preferences or options and there not in my start up folder..how would you do msconfig?

I'm unsure about MusicMatch, as I've never used it and can't find any reference to disabling it at startup in their FAQ.

But Nero is a simpler matter. Is it the packet-writing component of the program used for CD-RW sessions that's loading? If so, and if you don't use CD-RW disks anyway, then simply uninstall the component. I never install that part of Nero on any system anyway, as I find it rather useless, and it's the part that loads when you boot up. (In-CD? I think that's what it's called?)

For other stuff you don't want, Go to Start -> Run and type msconfig

On the 'Startup' tab, do a bit of investigating to trackj down the entries in there and work out what they are (expand the columns and work them out from the directory they're located in is one method to work it out. Google is another)

Deselect any entries that you don't want to load, and then click 'Apply'. Simple, eh?

Thanks for the advice it worked and i got rid of both of them from startup..I do have Nero and also use CDRWs, and the Nero one is called NeroCheck.

For other stuff you don't want, Go to Start -> Run and type msconfig

Actuall i use hijackthis to stop the things that i don't want running at startup .
I useto use the registry before hiajckthis . as MSCONFIG is reall only a diagonist tool .

Registry edit path=
Or if multiple users and you jusy want to change each one individuly go to

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