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Note sure if this will work for you or not. But try following these steps for XP Professional.


I'm not at home at the moment so I'm unable to tell ya if this works for Vista or not. Let me know if it does.

If it does work then you have to leave the Secondary Logon enabled. There are reports on the neowin forum that the game will not work with out it enabled.


you can't install halo 2 unless you have directx 10, and you can't install that unless you have an nvidia geforce 8 series video card.


not only that, but if you disable the User Access Restrictions (you are being annoyed all the time... cancel or allow) you won't be able to install much because it assumes you want to cancel. also you may have to go to the properties menu of your setup.exe and select run as admin.


Well I got it to install. I had to reinstall vista and install h2 before I updated it. Thanks for all the help.

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