Hey everyone, first post around here. I'm having a problem with my desktop background. I'm not able to select any pictures from the list in the desktop options ... I have XP too ... I can only select which color my background can be. But I can't assign pictures there. Also, I can not select anything in the display properties/desktop tab. When I right-click a picture and assign it to my background, nothing happens. But when I log-off, that particular picture that I assigned to the desktop mysteriously appears for a fraction of a second before the system restarts...

HELP !!!

I have a cool spiral galaxy that I'm trying to get up!

-- Joe Massino

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hi Joe
can u please submit the hijackthis log;

b4 that, try this:
right ckick on desktop>properties>desktop>Customize>web
uncheck all web pages listed...
//hope this will do!


juste go to the registry and look for this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\policies
Once you'll find it, just open the folder active directory, and set to 0 the DWORD key NoChangingWallpaper.
I hope, it'll help you. Bye


Thanks a million everyone.

Nigell's link worked for me. Everything's back to normal!

This place is very helpful

-- Joe Massino


I was having the EXACT same problem... Nigell's instructions solved the problem instantly! I did a Google search to solve the problem, came upon this site, and just had to join to say THANK YOU for helping me fix my computer!


First up, you have hijacked an old thread (Jun 11th, 2008) if you want to post, start your own thread.
Do you know what you are saying? Dr. Windows is a joke program and will do nothing to help your PC.

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