:sad: Is there anyone who can possibly help me. I'm running Windows 2000 and some time ago I increased my memory from 64 KB RAM to 196 KB RAM. I have started to get 'virtual low memory' again but I am at a loss as to how this is happening as I don't download a lot of stuff and do regular maintenance re getting rid of temp files, cookies, defragging etc. When I go into 'Start', 'Explore' it seems to be showing me about 3 lots of everything, ie program files, and everything else. Is this some sort of back-up or is it still holding files from when I upgraded from Windows 95/98 to Windows 2000. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if I'm advised to buy more memory.
Many thanks:confused:
Mary (Scotland)

Change your page file size

  • Open System in Control Panel.
  • On the Advanced tab, click Performance Options, and under Virtual memory, click Change.
  • In the Drive list, click the drive that contains the paging fileyou want to change.
  • Under Paging file size for selected drive, type a new paging file size in megabytes in the Initial size (MB) or Maximum size (MB) box, and then click Set.
    in your case set the minumum to 392 and the max to 784.

Many thanks for that. It seems to have done the trick and I'm getting no more 'low virtual memory' messages.
Much appreciated.
Mary (Scotland)

im playing this game and they did an update on the game i typed in my password and username. then i click the start button to play i get this thing saying ur low on virtual memory but i would still beable to play but now i can't this is on my xp. any help would be greatly appreshated.

Virtual memory is on the DISK, not in RAM.

- Is your hard disk nearly full?

- Are you running a program that needs resources beyond your system's capabilities?