When Win2000 has not shut down properly, when it is restarted I get a screen whidh starts off:
"Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is FAT32"
Followed by a nine second countdown before the drive check begins, during which time I can cancel the check.

What I'd like to know is can I cut that nine seconds down to one?

I don't mind the check, but it's a pain waiting for it to commence.

Is there an *.ini file I can alter to achieve this?



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If you have FAT32 and do an improper shutdown windows will want to do a disc check.. there is no need to do it - windows is just programmed to assume that in the case of FAT32 it was a HD error that caused the failure. Skip it.
But anyway, to answer your question... [and it will be 10 secs as default...], go Start, run, type cmd and OK. Now type [or paste] this:
chkntfs /t:1
-and press enter, then close the cmd window.
Yeah, I know it is chkntfs and not chkfat.... but there is no such command. Does not have to be 1 sec... you just wanted that. Strangely, if you have an NTFS setup windows doesn't want to do a check - it's possibly arrogant enough to assume that the user screwed up. :)

Thanks very much, gerbil

On the occasions when I do skip checking, it just comes up again at the next boot thereafter.

If the check is, as you suggest, not necessary, would "chkntfs /X C:" get rid of it on an on-going basis or does that syntax only work as a one-off? I note the qualification "Excluded drives are not accumulated between command invocations". I can always try it out with a forced shut-down but would prefer to avoid that if possible.


that cmd would block the check until you revoke it, but you should find why your sys is not shutting down correctly... is an application causing it?

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