I'm currently using a Netgear DG834G and it works fine apart from one issue, downloading using peer to peer software. I currently use a torrent download problem called ABC but when i start the download it never downloads straight away, it usually takes at least a few hours to start and when it does, i get max speeds of around 15 kb/s, which is so slow. My broadband line can download at nearly 1mb/s so i know it's not that and i have downloaded several hundread torrents over the years and they all seem to do the same thing. Today I downloaded DC++, but it doesn't even start downloading after a few hours, it just sits on 0%. Does anyone have an ideas? You help is much appreciated.
Many thanks

Ah well, torrents and peer-to-peer...
Notoriously know for they bad or slow performance. This issue has nothing to do with your Netgear product. You are trying to use one of the "free" torrents (in your case open source) which will be free as thousands and thousands people use them around the world. Shared content not checked, lot of illegal music, movies or software.
What you have to is get one with fee subscription where they actualy check what is on share and you should get better speed