Hi there,

I am not able to uninstall DB2 V9.1 using windows XP 'Add or Remove Programs' feature. It's giving me the following error message :

'Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid'

Tried many times but no luck. :((

Please help me !!!!

Thanks in advance.

Three options

1) have you original installation cds. If so put those in and see if there is remove option. If so go with that.

2) remove manually - use windows explorer and find DB2 directory and delete. Then delete icons, etc

3) Reinstall from cd and then try Add/Remove programs.

Good luck



I did not install the software from a CD, but downloaded the zip file from IBM web site. I still have that zip installation file. So options 1 & 3 are not applicable in my case. So, if I follow option 2, don't you think it will leave the reigstry entries. And if required, will I be able to reinstall it.



For 1 & 3 use the downloaded zip file, obviously unzipped.

Yes 2) will leave registry entries, but they will just sit there.


There is no remove option in installation setup.

Will try option #3 and let you know.

Cheers !

I mean option # 2